The Business of Makeup Artistry (Development Program)

If any of the following questions apply to you, you are a great candidate for our Makeup Artistry Business Development Program.

  1. Have you finished all of your training as a beauty rep and feel you are ready to sell your products?
  2. As you schedule your makeup parties and events to promote your new business are you having a hard time closing the sale and converting leads to loyal customers?
  3. Perhaps you are well on your way to providing makeup services for your clients and as your schedule fills you begin to notice the importance of good business practices and efficiency.
  4. Are you ready to take your career to the next level and turn your hobby into a lucrative career where you set your own hours and enjoy the benefits of controlling your bottom line and income, while doing what you love?

Our Business Development Program will groom you into becoming not just the talent but a savvy Business OWNER. Successful participants will learn to:

  • Draft contracts and proposals for individual and corporate entities
  • Solicit offering to potential clients
  • Create strategic marketing plans and campaigns
  • Network effectively in your local area and abroad both in person and through Social Media
  • Identify new and creative opportunities to expand service
  • Reach milestones through writing SMART Performance Objectives
  • Develop a system that works for years to come

Paired working groups are held once monthly along with an additional individual consultation. This will be hard and worth the investment to take your business and your business mind to the next level. Learn from proven training models. Learn to see a better bottom line and remove the fear of failure.

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